Your Homophobia Isn’t Appropriate


“I think gay people should be allowed to adopt kids, because my aunt is a lesbian and she is a great mom.” That was the thesis statement for a current event assignment in the sixth grade. My teacher pulled me into the hallway and told me  I couldn’t share my current event. It wasn’t “appropriate.”

“Larry H. Milller theaters will premiere Hostel, a glorified gore porn, but they won’t show Brokeback Mountain, a story about love. That’s hypocritical and bigoted.” That was my thesis statement for an 11th grade opinion piece in the school newspaper. The administration told me I couldn’t run the piece. It wasn’t “appropriate.”

“If you express hostility towards someone for their sexual orientation, you are a bad person.” That’s my thesis statement for life. And this time, nobody gets to silence me.

When you talk about gay rights, you are not speaking in abstracts. You are talking about my best friend. The guy who took me to his senior prom when I was still a sophomore, and the guy who went to my senior prom when he was a sophomore in college. The same person who took me to the emergency room when I had a gallbladder attack, visited me everyday when I was recovering from a car accident, and the guy who attended my college graduation.

My best friend in the whole world is gay. He is a better person than most people I have met. He is dedicated, loyal, and kind. He is a an uncle, grandson, son, boyfriend, cousin, and my best friend. When you talk about abominations, pedophilia, and legislate life choices, you are hurting my best friend.

It’s time for the homophobes to be on the other side of reprimands. It is time that they hear what needs to be said. Your homophobia, it hurts real people, and that “isn’t appropriate.” End of discussion. 


  1. SNAP. Thank you for sharing this. I’m not going to portend to vilify people’s moral convictions or voting patterns (even though I think they’re wrong), it’s the homophobia and hate speech that kills me. It’s completely inappropriate. Bless you, SLCFeminist.

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