Weekly News Wrap-Up

Weekly News Wrap-Up

A University of Arizona student proves that a college education isn’t always a sign of intelligence. 

Stan Lee ain’t got shit on these little costume designers. 

“Pro-Life” activist Dave Leach talks about shooting abortion providers. “It will be a blessing to the babies.”

We stand in solidarity with retail and fast food employees striking in Chicago. Could you live off of $8.91/hr in Chicago? Hell, could you buy yourself breakfast for that much in Chicago?

“Your constant prioritization of the lives of white people over the lives of people of color is taking a serious toll on my psyche and those of many in my community.” A thought provoking piece by Mia McKenzie. 

The AP dropped the “I-Word” and 70k people are asking the NY Times to do the same. 

*Trigger Warning* A Five year old girl was raped and left for dead in India.

One small step towards progress in Idaho. The DMV used to require proof of surgery before changing the gender on a trans* identified person’s license, but thanks to the ACLU, that policy no longer applies.

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