Urgent: Governor Herbert Diverts Planned Parenthood Funding

Govenor-Gary-Herbert-UtahGovernor Gary R. Herbert ordered agencies to stop sending federal funds to the Planned Parenthood Association of Utah. What does this mean? According to the Governor’s office, these are the funds being held hostage:

Planned Parenthood’s budget for fiscal 2015 includes about $100,000 for STD testing and reporting, $115,000 for “abstinence education and personal responsibility education” and $1,339 for providing pregnancy tests and STD screenings to victims of rape and sexual assault.

Gary Herbert is putting Utahns at risk for purely political reasons. I urge you to contact his office. Here are some tips for writing to public officials:

  • Use their official title

  • Let them know if you are a constituent

  • Be polite, no personal attacks

  • Get to the point–include your topic, concerns, and a quick fact to make your point

  • Be direct and keep it brief

  • Ask them to contact you—include your contact information

Feel free to copy and paste my statement below and switch out your name and include contact information:

Governor Herbert,

I am usually a proud Utahn, but today I am ashamed. I am ashamed that the governor of my home state put politics over women’s health. Planned Parenthood provides invaluable healthcare and education to Utah’s most vulnerable populations. Planned Parenthood uses its federal funds appropriately, and it uses them well. You are playing politics with the lives of your constituents.

I am appalled, and I urge you to re-think your decision


Chelsea Kilpack, West Jordan

Governor Herbert reports to us! Let him know he’s doing a bad job!


  1. pauline lovelace says:

    Are you the gov. Who signed a bill saying abortionist are required to give babies over 20 wks a pain killer before they are brutally murdered? Is so, you are condoning murder of the unborn. How do you sleep at night. God have mercy on your soul.

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