Stand With Texas Activists for Choice



Last week people across the country watched in awe as Texas Republicans tried to bend all of the rules in an effort to undo the awesome filibusterin’ of Senator Wendy Davis. Their efforts were in vain, but in a true show of childishness, Governor Rick Perry called another special session to pass anti-choice and anti-access bills.

Well, try as they might, the #feministarmy isn’t going anywhere. Make your voice heard, and follow these awesome tips from Jessica Luther:

Please go down to the capitol when you can. Please be kind, be peaceful, please don’t engage anyone in blue. Be nice to DPS. Please don’t get us kicked out. That will not help our cause now or our movement as we go forward.

Please remember that this is actually about all the people who are going to lose access to critical reproductive health care.

A big ‘thank you’ to all of the amazing people standing up for choice today in the Lonestar State. We’re sending you some love from Utah.

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