Boy Scouts of America: It Isn’t Enough

boy scouts of america lift ban on openly gay scouts

Yesterday the Boy Scouts of America voted to lift a century-old ban on openly gay scouts participating in the organization. According to Reuters, “More than 60 percent of the group’s National Council, comprised of [sic] some 1,400 delegates, voted in favor of ending the ban, effective January 1, 2014.”

But it isn’t enough.

The group still prohibits openly gay leaders.

Prohibiting gay scout leaders bolsters the untrue and deplorable stereotype that gay men are pedophiles. It treats gay adult men as second-class citizens. It says they aren’t trustworthy. Here’s some news the BSA isn’t acknowledging: there are already gay scouts in the organization. Statistically speaking, there are plenty of gay children in the organization.

So this ban doesn’t change much.

The decision is akin to allowing your openly gay child to live in your house until eighteen, but kicking them out on their coming-of-age-birthday.  It’s still homophobic, and it isn’t enough.

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