5 Reactions to Shitty Anti-Feminist Statements

Do you surround yourself with awesome feminists? I sure as shit do, and when I’m in mixed company it’s easy to get caught off guard by the myriad of  flippant racist, sexist, transphobic, ableist, and/or heterosexist remarks people make. I’ve never been good at hiding my facial expressions, and the following GIFs sum up some of my reactions when I’m forced to interact with insensitive peeps in the wild:

1. Stop it. I’m gonna laugh, because there’s no way that was a serious statement about women’s rights. Wait. No. You were serious. Uh-oh.


2. The look I give to friends when they invite an awful person into an otherwise safe space, and said person drops their first “ism” bomb on the group. This is your cue that they’re not allowed back.


3. WTF did you just say about people with disabilities (PwD is interchangeable with so many other terms, because let’s face it, people say awful shit about every marginalized group you can think of)?

bill cosby


4. I can’t help but feel unclean after these encounters. The second I’m alone, I’m all-like, “Gaaahh, that was DISGUSTING! It’s like I can taste the bigotry.”


5. After I meet an awful person via my network of otherwise awesome friends it’s really important to sit down and discuss how the interaction made me feel. It’s also really important that I find out what in the fuck they were thinking, and how we can avoid those situations in the future. (Hey, we’ve all been that person once before. Old friends can surprise you with awful tendencies you didn’t always recognize.)



 How do you decompress after meeting someone whose terribly insensitive during social interactions? Do you call them out on the spot? Or do you go home and process?


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