5 Ladies You Need to Know: The Utah NOW Board


When I created SLC Feminist I tried to keep my first person narratives at a minimum, but today  I’m throwing that to the wind because I’m a member of the Utah NOW board, and I want to use this platform to promote the organization. It has taken several months to get things going, but we finally have a website, a Facebook page, and we’re hosting our first event.

There are five main ladies (including myself) working to get this operation underway, and I want to personally introduce us all:

Chelsea Kilpack (That’s me!)-President

I’m a graduate from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Gender Studies. I’m currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Community Leadership degree at Westminster college. Some of my volunteer work includes: working as a lead victim advocate for Unified Police Department, voter registration drives for the Democratic Party, and canvassing for the Obama Administration.

I’ve worked as a manager and trainer for private corporations for the past eight years; when I’m not going to school or work I manage the SLC Feminist page like my life depends on it. After all of that is done I am usually sneaking in some Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and reading.

Kyl Myers- Vice President of Actions

Kyl is a PhD student in the sociology department at the University of Utah, where she also earned her bachelors degree in Gender Studies. Her academic interests include the intersection of reproductive health and public policy. She has worked with feminist and health related non-profit organizations since 2008, including the Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center, the DOVE center, and Planned Parenthood Association of Utah. She is a regular contributing writer for SLC feminist.

Five minutes in the same room as Kyl and you will wonder how she manages to do it all!

Sharon Badon- Vice President of Membership

Sharon is a graduate of the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies (2011). She also earned a Master Degree from University of Nevada Las Vegas in Social Work (2006), and a Bachelor’s Degree from Sam Houston State University in Sociology and Psychology (1992).

Sharon is founder and CEO of Word Processing Services, LLC., and she also works for a company that is researching homeless families in the greater Salt Lake area. Sharon is incredibly laid back and brings an amazing sense of calm to our board meetings!

Christine Kilpack- Vice President of Finance

Christine is currently the human resource and payroll director of a successful tele-health corporation in Orem, Utah. Christine has been a commissioned Notary Public since 2004. She was a single mother who raised two children while pursuing a professional career for the past twenty-six years. She is currently continuing her education in Human Resource Management. She is passionate about the gender wage gap, eliminating socio-economic stereotypes, addiction services and harm reduction, health and social services (to name just a few).

Christine loves good books, beautiful purses, romantic movies, and all creatures great and small.

Natalie Blanton- Vice President of Public Relations

Natalie is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Sociology at the University of Utah. Her avenues of academia reside in the intersectionality of gender, race, class, environment and health disparities. Natalie volunteers/advocates in multiple spheres of activism: sexual and community health education, refugee and immigrant populations, LGBT social justice, and animal rights.

Natalie is your resident feminist bookseller at Dolly’s Bookstore in Park City, UT. She loves all things book-ish, horseback riding, bicycles, rock climbing, and being outside most of the time.

We encourage you to bring a friend and come check out our “Fall Back Into Action” open house on November 6th from 7-9 p.m. All of us will be there, and we’d love to get to know some fellow feminists in the community. We will be registering new members, serving up some free pie, selling pins, and making new connections.

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