You’re Gonna Want to Know Our New Intern

Katie Christensen

I’m so excited to announce that Kaitlyn (Katie) Christensen has joined SLC Feminist for the fall as an intern from the University of Utah. Katie is a senior at the U of U where she’s pursuing a degree in Gender Studies with minors in Sociology and Psychology. She has been a Research Assistant for local legend, Dr. Lisa Diamond the last few years. When she isn’t researching the role of religious affiliation in identity formation, she’s hanging out in South Jordan with her cat Ziggy.

Katie is writing an upcoming series on Gender Studies 101, you know, for the people who don’t want to spend $25,000 on a degree.  Her posts will include breakdowns of canonical texts, introductions to theoretical concepts, and bios of influential feminists. Here’s a little bit about Katie to prepare you for her upcoming knowledge bombs:

Chelsea: When did you first identify as a feminist?

Katie: I first identified as a feminist when I was in high school but it didn’t become a huge part of my identity until college. The issues addressed by feminism have always been important to me but I didn’t have the terminology to identify it as such until I was in a more liberal educational environment.

C: Who are your feminist role models?

K: I love Mia McKenzie (founder of Black Girl Dangerous). Her ability to write something that is important and informative, yet simultaneously personal and passionate amazes me. I hope to be able to write with her passion and honesty someday. Lately I’ve been really impressed by Anita Sarkeesian’s work on representation within gaming. She is a great example of someone working to change a sexist institution from within despite threats to her safety. I also have a big soft spot for Angela Davis, whose work on the prison industrial complex changed the way I think about the United States in general and the US prison system in particular.

C: Tell me three fun feminist facts about yourself.

K: I recently realized I own at least four overtly feminist shirts; I am the co-author of a study about the perception of gender that is currently being run; A feminist tweet I wrote was included in a CNN online article about the “#notbuyingit” campaign. I count that as being published on CNN.

C: What’s your least favorite question you get asked about feminism?

K: I absolutely hate being asked some form of the question, “Are you one of the cool feminists who doesn’t hate men?” I’ve been trying online dating and because my profile includes the word “feminism” I get that question several times a day.

C: Describe what your feminist utopia look like?

K: My feminist utopia is an amazing fantasy. I imagine a place where people have complete control over themselves and their bodies. A place where everyone’s contributions to society are recognized and valued. In my utopia, the world is not constructed to favor certain bodies over others and identities are only self-imposed. I picture a world without false-binaries or labels, in which the same opportunities are given to everyone regardless of age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, class or race.

I think Katie is going to do a great job, and I look forward to sharing her work with all of you.

Her Gender Studies 101 series will start trickling out in October! Subscribe via email so you don’t miss any of her posts!


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