Your Four Step Guide to Halloween


When did Halloween become so awful? Seriously, when? I always remember it as a time of fear of make-believe monsters, but now that I’m an adult, it’s friends, neighbors, and people on the Internet that make it scary. Everywhere you turn there’s a tasteless costume, and a dudebro talking about how women dress like “sluts.”

Here is a feminist-friendly four-step guide to restoring Halloween to some of its former, less awful, glory. Share it with the scary folks, and maybe they will learn:

Step One: Don’t slut shame


That woman dressed like a sexy plumber feels confident in her body and is in tune with her sexuality. She doesn’t deserve your criticism, unwanted advances, or sexual violence! Unless she asks you about leaky pipes, keep your comments and gaze to yourself.

Step Two: Don’t paint your face to appear of any other race than your own (Black, Native American, Asian, Latin@, etc.)

halloween meme

Seriously. No exceptions. None. Do it, and you’re a culturally insensitive rube.

Step Three: Don’t glamorize domestic violence!


There are horrifying photos of people in blackface dressed as Ray and Janay Rice. It’s vile. Don’t be that person.

Step Four: Don’t blame the victim


People like to party, and holidays are a great reason to have some drinks, especially when a holiday magically falls on a Friday! Keep in mind that no matter how drunk or high someone is, they don’t deserve sexual violence. If someone you want to have sexual contact with is drinking: STOP. WALK AWAY. Is it worth it? Nope. If you see someone trying to lure off the sexy plumber after she has had too many drinks, intervene! 

I feel like the list could go on, but those cover some of the most egregious human blunders on Halloween. Happy Haunting, folks!  

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