You Know You’re A Gender Studies Student When…

You’re watching TLOTR and blurt out a tearful, “Society could learn a thing or two from Hobbit masculinity!”


You’re planning a dinner party and/or potluck and you have a list of food preferences on-hand to ensure that the party is inclusive for all of your friends’ food choices. Here’s a peek at mine:

Picture 4You know who Laura Mulvey is, and you’re grateful for the knowledge she imparts, but you still watch your favorite trashy movies at least once a month. Now you just feel guilty afterwards…

You second guess telling people what you majored in during college, because sometimes you just don’t want to hear “I’m not a feminist, but [insert feminist ideology here],” “So you hate men,” or “Do you think you’ll ever get a job?” (To that last one, fuck the fuck off. And no, probably not.)


You walk into a toy store to shop for little ones in your life and your head nearly explodes.


What do you encounter as a gender studies major and/or advocate of feminism?





  1. When I tell people I’m a Gender Studies student… I’m usually referred to as a lesbian or they inform me that someone they know a lesbian… Or I’m accused of hating men… Hmmm what else…

  2. I’ve never been asked if I hate men, probably because I am a man. I have had a lot of men say, “So you’re trying to understand women? Good luck with that.”

  3. LMNOP (she/her) says:

    …when you introduce yourself with your name and your PGP. (…when you know what PGP stands for.)
    …when you can use the word “hegemony” without thinking about it.
    …when you cringe when someone says “cis-gendered.”
    …when you know who Judith Butler is.

  4. …your friends won’t talk about Disney movies around you.

  5. When I tell people I majored in women’s studies, I always get a variation of the same reaction: “I don’t get it.” “So, what does that mean?” “Can you explain that?” “So, what did you study?” “Huh?”

  6. I once had a conversation that went like this:

    Man: What’s your major?
    Me: Gender Studies
    Man: [pause] But there’s only two, you must not have a lot to learn
    Me: Sit down

    -he didn’t last long after the words “gender is a social construct” came out of my mouth.

  7. -when people constantly ask you “what are you going to do with that degree?”
    -you LOVE using words like “heteronormativity”, “hegemonic”, “normative”
    -when its normal to ask someone what their PGP is
    -you have class discussions about popular TV/movies/music
    -you use the word “folks” when addressing a group of people
    -you have buttons/shirts that have the word “feminist” on them
    -you have a love/hate relationship with the work of judith butler

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