Yasiin Bey, Force-Feedings, and Choice for Guantanamo Prisoners

Yassin Bey, better known as Mos Def, underwent nasogastric tube force-feeding for a performance protest piece with the group Reprieve. The video is difficult to watch. Yassin writhes in pain, cries, and begs the film crew to stop.

Every so often a piece of activism will shake you to your core. It will remind you why you oppose torture; why you voted for President Obama the first time (you know, he promised to close Guantanamo); it will remind you that just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t horrific.

The men in Guantanamo are being held indefinitely. Some without charges, and some after being cleared for release. Now all they want is choice. They want the choice to stop eating. Some of them want to observe Ramadan. They all want control over their bodies during imprisonment. Isn’t that what feminism is all about?

How can you help?

Here are some links to resources from the ACLU and other organizations:

Ask President Obama to keep his promise and close Gitmo.

Choose some tools in the activist toolkit. 

Join “Close Guantanamo.” 

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