Weekly News Wrap-Up

Jill Filipovic talks about why women don’t need to take their husband’s last name in marriage.

The VAWA was reauthorized after needless delays! The extension includes protections for the LGBT community, and will facilitate prosecution of non-native perpetrators in tribal courts.

Arkansas legislators nullified their governor’s veto and signed into law the country’s most prohibitive abortion law. The law flies in the face of Roe v. Wade and will likely be challenged, but in the meantime my heart goes out to anyone that needs to access abortion services in Arkansas.

Jessica Valenti wrote an awesome piece on battling the burnout that accompanies activism. She serves up great reminders to “spend energy wisely” and “embrace the anger.” It is worth a read.

Sunday is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Check out their website to share knowledge and take action.

Fallon Fox is an up and coming female MMA fighter, and she is also a transsexual woman. Fox’s license is now being unfairly challenged and may impede her future fight plans.

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