Weekly News Wrap-Up

Rhode Island Marriage Equality

Rhode Island became the 10th state to legalize marriage equality! 

Did Mountain Dew produce the most racist commercial in history?

An incredibly powerful piece by Akiba Solomon on the race baiting tactics used in pregnancy crisis centers. 

NBA player Jason Collins came out as a gay man. Hopefully others feel safe coming out in his stead, but let’s not forget the ladies who have been bursting out of the closet for decades.

“If women are more than what’s between their legs, why do some feminists continue to perpetuate a patriarchal notion that biology is destiny?” Good question, take it away, Lauren Rankin.

Jill Filipovic on feminist in-fighting and one of the root causes: scarcity.

Did you have access to a passport at 15? Yeah, me neither, which means many young women still can’t procure Plan B, despite new changes in access. The better question–why is the Obama Administration appealing a decision to lift age restrictions entirely?

Allison KilKenny on May Day in NYC, where youth and immigrant activists demanded reform.

Saudi Arabia launches a powerful anti-domestic violence campaign.

Having a rough week? Watch this video and you will instantly feel uplifted. Guaranteed.

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