Weekly News Wrap-Up

Weekly News Wrap-Up

The Associated Press dropped the term “illegal immigrant” from its style guide. It’s about damn time.

Hey, Mr. President. It isn’t cool for you to comment on California Attorney General Kamala Harris’ looks. She’s a smart, accomplished, and talented woman. If she was a man, would you say the same thing?

A federal judge rules that age limitations on over the counter emergency contraception are “arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable” and must end within 30 days.

Are people really asking whether or not an Asian woman can be taken seriously in th rap game?

Smith College rejects the application of a trans woman, and proves that feminism has some catching up to do.

Have you seen Project Unbreakable? It is a photo compilation of survivors of sexual assault, photographing them holding a poster with a quote from their attacker. It’s a powerful project, but can be triggering for some readers.

This great article from Jezebel, “Muslim Women Shockingly Not Grateful for Topless European Ladies Trying to ‘Save’ Them.”

The lovable Kid President met the actual President, and it is adorable.

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