Weekly News Wrap-Up

Weekly News Wrap-Up

Two football players in Steubenville, Ohio are accused of repeatedly raping a teenage girl. The coverage of the trial is a victim-blaming crap storm. Silence is not consent, people! Read some troubling coverage here.

The White House launched a program to prevent domestic violence homicides.

Become a better ally to the trans community online. Here’s a great guest post from TransGriot on responding to transphobia on the intertubes.

Check out Joseph Osmundson’s amazing piece on normative masculinity in The Feminist Wire. ” I didn’t try to wear normative masculinity, to force it on like a coat three sizes too small.  I guess I knew without knowing that if I put that coat on, taking it off would require a monumental effort.”

The Catholic Church found itself a new Pope, and Jezebel proclaims, “Fuck the Pope.”

The details are still sparse in the case of the NYPD fatally shooting 16 year old Kimani Gray in Brooklyn. The autopsy shows that 3 bullets were in his back, and it looks like he may have been unarmed. Following the tragedy protestors took to the streets of Brooklyn. Apparently when people of color protest, the media calls it a riot. News reports are mixed, but reading between the lines it seems like a protest with a few rowdy participants.

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