Weekly News Wrap-Up

Weekly News Wrap-Up

A teacher is fired for being a victim of domestic violence.

SCOTUS rules that human genes can’t be patented!

The man who murdered Dr. Tiller is being punished for trying to intimidate the woman who re-opened Dr. Tiller’s clinic.

20 things you shouldn’t say when a friend tells you they are a survivor of sexual assault.

On trans issues within feminism and strengthening the movement’s gender analysis.

Woman sends unsolicited dick pics to the bro’s mom.

What have you read this week?


  1. Stop Oppression of Women in the Third World


    We are a new organization that is committed to stopping the oppression of women in the third world countries.

    Women in the Third World suffer considerably from the following problems:

    -daily domestic violence

    -brutal rape and torture

    -patriarchal culture without any moderation

    -abusive men

    -honor killings

    -forced poverty and are unable to free themselves since women are considered as property, not human beings, in many third world countries

    We are committed to trying to END this oppression. One of our goals is to create a political lobby or organization that lobbies for visas for single or divorced women from third world countries, so that we can bring them to the West and help them escape the abuse, rape, poverty, and violence of the patriarchal system in most third world countries.

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