Weekly News Wrap-Up


Founding Father pinups: this illustrate the ridiculousness of pinup poses. Hamilton looks like he’s trying to relieve sciatic nerve pain; Jefferson is doing a modified CrossFit workout; Madison is a flying super hero.

Henry Morgentaler, one of Canada’s most controversial and celebrated faces and the doctor credited with launching abortion rights in Canada, died on Wednesday, according to several reports.

These awesome rape culture cartoons! 

The myth of the shared female experience, and how it perpetuates inequality. 

The LDS Church cuts workers hours to avoid “Obamacare” The same church that built a $2 billion mega-mall.

Another example of why prostitution should be legal (according to Feministing).

Meet SheZow, a cross-dressing children’s cartoon character!

Did you receive paid time off for Memorial Day? Consider yourself lucky!

Alice Walker to Alicia Keys: Boycott Israel!

Cloaking women in “imaginary burqas” to quell sexual urges. Um, WTF?

El Salvador denies a woman a life-saving abortion. 

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