Weekly News Wrap-Up

The criminal charges against 16-year-old Kiera Wilmot were dropped. Kiera was arrested for an unauthorized science experiment. No one was hurt and nothing was destroyed, dropping criminal charges is one of the first steps in clearing her name.

Two brothers are charged with the horrific shooting in New Orleans on Mother’s Day.

An Albuquerque Catholic high school is forcing a transman to wear the “female robe” on graduation day. Here’s an idea: the same color robes for everyone.

Mother’s Day is over, but pregnancy discrimination continues.

Hey, Candie’s. Your ads shaming pregnant teens don’t do anything to spread information. Just stop it.  Oh, and Michigan, hiding pregnant girls doesn’t support your abstinence-only message.

Angelina Jolie talks publicly about her decision to undergo a preventative double mastectomy, and s.e. smith writes about having the same genetic mutations, without Angelina’s resources.

Your favorite stores aren’t signing the Bangladesh safety act.

A gay pride rally in Tbilisi, Georgia is derailed by Orthodox priests who occupied a central street in Georgia’s capital. Some threatened to lash marchers with stinging nettles.

GOP congressmen links school shootings to legalized abortion. Oh, North Dakota.

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