Watching Your Baby Cry to Teach Him Masculinity

 This video post makes me absolutely sick. “Be a man” is not an okay response to your child’s expressions of fear and pain. This type of parenting is why men are more likely to commit suicide than women, and less likely to obtain mental healthcare. This is toxic masculinity, and it’s heartbreaking.

Parents, if you’re watching this, cut “Be a man,” “Take it like a man,” and all other similar phrases out of your vocabulary right now. Boys, just like little girls, need tenderness and care when they express fear and pain. They don’t need your derision. We need to raise men who are comfortable expressing themselves, and this type of callousness, coupled with public humiliation, just isn’t the way to do it.

Notice the poor little fella gets angry at the end? Do you want to teach your son to stifle pain to the point that he lashes out in anger? I didn’t think so.

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