Untouched By Photoshop–A Photography Opportunity in Salt Lake


Hey readers! My dear friend Collette is looking for project participants, and I told her I’d share her info. Some of you may remember her for her previous SLC Feminist contribution. She’s an amazing advocate with a an ever-growing perspective on feminism. Here’s what Collette is looking for:

Hi, I’m Collette Charles. I’m a writer, photographer, mother, and a feminist on a mission to end sexual assault and all the bits and pieces that go along with it. At the moment I’m looking for women of all body types, ages, races, etc. to participate in a photo series showcasing real, untouched by Photoshop bodies. Models will wear bathing suits and be asked to write a piece about how they feel about their body, how they feel the world has treated them according to their body (harassment, respect, being ignored, being given special privileges, etc). If you are interested in participating, please email me your name and contact info to collette.charles7@gmail.com.

You can visit the Collette Charles Photography Facebook page to check out some of her work, or take a look at her blog. 

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