University of Utah Statement for Employees on Preferred Pronouns

Preferred names and pronounsThe University of Utah is my alma mater, and I’m a proud graduate for many reasons, but today this is why I’m proud to be a Ute! Ruth Watkins, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Vivian Lee, Senior Vice President of Health Sciences recently sent out a letter regarding preferred pronouns and names to faculty/staff on campus. The University of Utah’s LGBT Resource Center has provided students, staff, and faculty with services and perspective since 2002. As evidenced by this letter, they are making the campus a more inclusive place by collaborating with other campus and community organizations. The letter about preferred pronouns (pictured above) reads:

“In order to continue our efforts to create an open and inclusive university community, we ask all faculty and staff to call students by their preferred name, as found in the Campus Information System (CIS). In addition, if a student has requested to be referred to by a particular preferred gender pronoun, we ask that you honor that request.
Should you need more information or resources on preferred names and gender pronouns or on LGBTQIA issues generally, please see

We thank you for your continued efforts to make our campus a welcoming place for all and appreciate all that you do to make this a great institution.”

A small, but important step in the right direction for trans*, non-binary, and genderqueer students and staff. Go Utah!

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