This Year, Resolve to Love Yourself

new year's resolution

It’s January 15th, so this probably seems a little late in the game for a New Year’s post, but I’m coming at you regardless. We’re two weeks into the year, and a lot of folks are still leaning-in hard on new lifestyle changes, or limping along at half-speed because they decided to simultaneously give up sugar, spending, and breathing (which isn’t healthy, but what do I know?). Anyway, this is just a friendly reminder, after what might’ve been a fortnight of negative self-talk, that there’s a big difference between setting goals and setting yourself up to fail based on the arbitrary expectations of others. Others being capitalism and a white-hetero-sexist-patriarchy.

You don’t need to diet, but it’s okay to want to eat healthier food.

You don’t have to read fifty-two books in 2016, but it’s awesome if you want to make time for yourself to read.

You don’t have to stop spending all of your money, but maybe be a tad more conscious.

You don’t have to do anything to make yourself more worthy of love, because you already deserve it.

Companies are trying to sell you shit you don’t need, and the most powerful way they can do it is to tell you that you’re not good enough. Every year billions of dollars go to makeup, facial elixirs with no efficacy, and cleanses that make us dizzy (and inevitably heavier)–all in the name of chasing an unattainable beauty standard that some mythical-thin-white-airbrushed-cis-woman embodies. Take a look at your resolutions. Are your resolutions to chase that ideal? If so, please stop if you can. I just want to remind you, and myself, that you are enough. You were fabulous in 2015, and 2016 is probably just more of the same.

Do you have self-loving resolutions you’re keeping this year? Share in the comments below!

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