The Pride Parade and Parenting

Did you take your child to Pride Weekend festivities?

Lessons based on words and gestures only go so far in teaching our children – bigger lessons are learned from watching a person’s actions, rather than listening to their words. These are the tenants that are upheld in my household. One of my favorite ways of showing my child how important it is to be supportive and accepting of all people/things is to take him to the Pride parade.  Pride is one of my favorite activities – not only as a single or a married person, but also as a small family. What an amazing place for a child to experience – thousands of people gathered around in support of tolerance of all types of people, relationships and lifestyles. The loud music, extravagant people, lively floats and a menagerie of entertainment all in support of an “alternative” lifestyle -I couldn’t ask for a more appropriate, fun or encompassing tool in which I can base my child’s fundamental upbringing in acceptance.


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