Stop Taking It for Granted: Curb Cuts, Sidewalks, and More


Hey, you. Yeah, you. Are you able to walk around large objects obstructing sidewalks? Can you hop off of sidewalks to traverse large puddles? Can you take the stairs?

Yeah? Well, that’s a privilege, and it’s not one everyone has, so the next time you notice and obstruction–move it, or talk to someone who can.

I’m saying this because I’ve had to make several complaints to my apartment complex about their lack of access. Huge rose bushes spilling out onto the sidewalk aren’t conducive to folks who are using wheelchairs, walkers, etc. Cars parking in front of curb cuts should be towed. And the parking stalls for folks with disabilities? Those aren’t for you unless you have a placard. Say buh-bye to your precious car, and hello to the man in the two truck.


Block this, and you deserve consequences.

This is just a friendly reminder, because sometimes the able-bodied, myself included, need a reminder about some basic ableist behavior we overlook everyday.

Make sure you aren’t blocking curb cuts, ramps, and any other alternate access. If you see someone blocking access, point it out. If you are visiting an establishment and they aren’t ADA compliant, or accommodating in other ways, let management know. It’s the least we can do (seriously, it’s the absolute least we can do), but it’s a step in the right direction.

Need to file an ADA complaint? 

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