Send A Feminist to Kenya!

Help send a local feminist to Kenya! 

Checkout Lori’s message!

I have worked with Whole Foods Market for seven and a half years and in that time, have participated in countless donation drives benefitting local and global non profits. My favorite one, obviously, has been our Whole Planet Foundation campaign every February and March. During my time with Whole Foods, I have met team members who have been volunteers in Guatemala, Peru, and Thailand. I have been waiting for the opportunity to apply and since finally achieving my bachelor’s degree, this year was the year!

At the University of Utah, in Salt Lake City, I received my bachelor’s degree in Gender Studies in which I concentrated on the intersectional oppression of women, minorities, and developing nations. In a Feminist Economics course, I did in-depth studies into the most impoverished countries and my research ultimately concluded that when women are empowered, not only is the economy positively affected, but the environment benefits as well. As a feminist and an environmentally conscious person, these statistics further embeded my belief in helping women. I have dedicated years of my life to the issue of women’s rights outside of my academic studies, by volunteering with my local chapter of the YWCA, interning for the Planned Parenthood Action Council during the 2013 Utah Legislative Session, and by enthusiastically promoting annual micro-credit loan campaigns for the Whole Planet Foundation all year.

For this year’s campaign, I reached out to upwards of a hundred local businesses in order to, not only raise awareness of Whole Planet Foundation and the positive impact Whole Foods has on it’s global community, but to create partnerships with our local community, as well. With the support and donations from local businesses, I organized in-store silent auctions raising almost $1,000 which means about 5-6 women and their families received loans from my efforts and the support of my community!

Being a Team Member Volunteer is combining everything I am passionate about (Whole Foods, travel, feminism, and humanitarian work) and it is going to be one of the proudest and happiest experiences of my life.

Your contributions will go towards my flights, which will cost anywhere from $1,900-3,000; my vaccines (Hepatitis A & B, Tetanus, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Malaria) which are not covered by medical insurance and will cost about $400; and lastly, spending money while I am in Kenya which means being able to purchase as many souvenirs and keepsakes to bring home to all of you!

Please message me with ANY questions or suggestions you may have and share this page with all of your friends! Thank you for spending your time reading my story and even more so, for spending your money investing in my adventure!

Lori is a wonderful friend, and I know she would be eternally grateful for any of your contributions. I just donated–you should too!

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