Protest Hobby Lobby with Utah NOW


On Monday, SCOTUS ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby – stating that for-profit companies are not required to provide healthcare plans that cover reproductive care (including birth control and abortion services) if it conflicts with the administration’s religious beliefs. Ironically, Hobby Lobby’s owners have invested millions of dollars in the very same pharmaceutical companies and contraceptive options they claim to oppose.

Please join Utah NOW in a peaceful protest at the Hobby Lobby in South Jordan on Saturday, July 5th from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

*Come give condoms to HL employees who will no longer have access to birth control via company provided insurance plans.

*Hand out information about supportive local craft stores to patrons who still visit the store in spite of the ruling.

*Bring signs with pro-women’s health sentiments to display loud and proud.

This is a peaceful protest:

– No profanity
– Ask to hand out leaflets. Do not try to force literature into anyone’s hands.
– Do not block patron access to the inside of stores (be wary of curb cuts so you don’t interfere with the needs of people with disabilities)
– If police arrive, behave respectfully, and comply with their orders

Visit her to to become a member of Utah NOW and help us fight back against those waging a war on women.

Please share this with your friends and family.


  1. If security asks anyone to leave, remember it is private property and anyone asked to leave must comply or risk being arrested for trespassing. Protests are allowed on city property.

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