Michael Vick to Riley Cooper: You Can Say the N-Word, Just “Be A Man”

NBC10 - John Clark

NBC10 – John Clark

In case you missed it, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, Riley Cooper was caught on camera at a Kenny Chesney concert saying, ” I will jump that fence and fight every N—er here, bro.” The video went viral earlier this week, and now Cooper’s teammates are responding to his apology. The responses from Riley’s teammates are astounding, and one thing is abundantly clear: you can say racist/hillbilly bullshit as long as you have a penis between your legs, bro!

Michael Vick (the infamous dog fighting quarterback) told Jim Corbett of USA Today, “Riley is still my teammate. And he just stood in front of us as a man and apologized for what he said. And somewhere deep down, you have to find some level of respect for that [emphasis added].” You have to find some level of respect for that?!

Nope, you’re wrong. We don’t have to find any level of respect for a white man who uses the N-Word while threatening violence. We just don’t. End of story.

A discussion about respect does need to happen, but it needs to happen with Cooper about his lack of respect for PoC, and he’s not allowed to talk during the “discussion.”

Fortunately for Cooper, this is a patriarchy, and his inclusion in the boys’ club will free him from much of the scrutiny he deserves. Case in point, Vick isn’t the only one pulling the “man” card out in Cooper’s defense: “I still look at him as one of my brothers. He stood up like a man and we all applauded that he stood up like a man to apologize in front of everybody,” said defensive tackle Fletcher Cox.

Cooper may have stood up like a man and apologized, but he did so after he stood up like a cracker and used the N-Word. If that’s what being a man is, then I hope everyone steps back and acts more like women.



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