Marie Claire Magazine–Call for Participants to Share Abortion Stories

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Dana Liebelson, reporter for the Huffington Post and Marie Claire, is looking for participants to share stories about how Utah’s restrictive waiting period for abortions impacted their medical care.

If you are interested, please send an email to

Here’s Dana’s message:

Hi! I am a reporter with Marie Claire magazine and I’m working on a feature about states that have passed extended waiting periods for abortions. I know this is a sensitive topic, but hoping you might be able to help me out—Utah has one of the most stringent laws in the county and I’m looking to speak with women who have had abortions in the last couple years and were affected by the law, and want to talk about their experiences. Would you be able to circulate this inquiry among your community to see if anyone would be interested in speaking out? Ideally I’m looking for women who are able to go on record, but if anyone would like to speak and have her identity protected, I can arrange that too. Thanks for your help and talk soon. Best, Dana

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