Listening to Your Body Instead of the Noise

listen to your body


{Ed. Note: This is another guest post from the ever-so-awesome, Carli Trujillo!}

Okay people, we are 27 days into the year 2015 and chances are, you have been pressured to change your body. You have been told through various sources that you should make it a new year’s resolution to change something about your physical appearance, from zapping away body hair and gaining muscle to losing weight, or even changing the structure of your face with plastic surgery.

Well, in case you find yourself lost in this jungle of superficial bullshit, I will defog your goggles and define dieting in its most simple form.

First, imagine a world where every human loved other humans for who they are, rather than just what they look like. Imagine what our world would look like if 75% of women didn’t have disordered eating habits.

So first of all, the principles that dieting are founded upon are unrealistic and insensitive. Dieting doesn’t work because it is founded upon the heinous idea that we should all look the same. All women should have big breasts, small waists, thin arms and legs, and virtually no hair except for the acceptable areas. Men should have muscular arms, a six-pack, etc. And women, as always, are repeatedly told to change their physical appearance to please and compete for men’s attention and affection.

Yes, we are all humans. But we certainly do not all look the same. And we shouldn’t strive to. Diversity is beautiful, and guess what? So are you. Yes, you, with the muffin top and the gorgeous back hair.

Second of all, mainstream and crash dieting tells people (especially women) to disconnect from their bodies. We are told to starve ourselves and count calories, regardless of how that will make us feel. And there is a strong shame component to all of this, because if you fail at dieting, that makes you incompetent in many other ways.

If you have tried and failed at mainstream dieting, kudos for trying something new! But moreover, good for you for walking away. Congratulations that you were able to unmask and detach from the insensitive and unrealistic expectations of society at large rather than your own, beautiful body.

And if you are currently dieting but are unhappy and want to try a new, different approach to your health and fitness regime, here is a solid idea that I think is worth trying to implement…

Listen to your body.

Shift your focus from how you look to how you feel. Try to get in tune with your body and its physical needs. Then, try to meet those needs, whatever they may be, including drinking, sleeping, moving around, breathing, having sex, or eating that vegan chocolate chip cookie.

It is disappointing that listening to your body is considered a radical approach to eating, especially for women. And it may be a brand-new approach, especially to those women who have been on some form of prescribed diet their entire lives.

But I dare you to try it. Because guess what, honey? You are beautiful. And anyone who doesn’t support you being in touch with your body can go right to hell. Straight there. With no McDonald’s detours.

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