International Dating or Purchasing a Wife?

international dating

If you’ve browsed the Salt Lake Tribune lately you might have been unfortunate enough to come across an article titled, “Sick of Utah women, dad is poster it for overseas dating.” The second I saw the title I had my concerns, because a man is sick of an ENTIRE POPULATION OF WOMEN. Whatever followed the title I was pretty sure that Utah women weren’t the problem for Mr. Nathan Adams.

Nathan Adams is a 45-year-old divorcee who says he “hates dating,” and he’s decided to circumvent the process by  purchasing meeting a Ukranian bride from the site Purchasing isn’t the term Adams, or the proprietors of the site, would use, but what else do you call a site where only the men pay to participate?

AnastasiaDate provides key services when you’re purchasing a wife, services like translation, because the women don’t speak the same language as their suitors. Adams told the Trib’s Kristen Moulton that he loves dating his fiancé, Elena Adamchiyk, because it is “like dating a model…who has the values of my grandmother.” Translation: I want a physically attractive women who will take care of me like Grammy did while I was still in short pants.

If Adams isn’t a misogynistic imperialist, his “critiques” of Utah women fooled me. Those pesky Utah women, say things like, “I want this. I want that. I won’t tolerate this, I won’t tolerate that.” Translation: women, don’t want things or have boundaries! “If you’re dating someone local and … your relationship starts out with having sex with them, you’re not really their friend,” Adams explains. Just another reason he needed to date internationally, because he doesn’t know how to have sex and be friends with women.

Apparently, when he couldn’t find anyone who acted like a subservient sponge, he ventured into the world of international dating.

Ms. Adamchiyk seems like a wonderful woman who is more than happy to take on the responsibilities of raising Adams’ 6-year-old daughter, Vanessa. Adamchiyk explains that, “I want marriage. I don’t want Russian marriage.” Her desire for an “American marriage” stems from two failed relationships in the former Soviet Union where the men cheated on her, something she believes isn’t prevalent here.

AnastasiaDate specializes in the fetishization of many women abroad, with sister sites dedicated to matching men with Asian, Latin American, and African women. There is no doubt that some people might find love on these sites, but these relationships that begin with the men purchasing a woman’s time hardly seem like relationships at all. The Tribune’s profile of Nathan Adams and Elena Adamchiyk is hardly a glowing portrayal for AnastasiaDates, but we think it’s incredibly accurate, and exposes the mindset inherent in these transactions.

What do you think of international dating sites?


  1. I actually know this guy from work and he’s no prize. Grossly overweight, anger management issues and generally unpleasant… I don’t evny this poor woman.

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