ICYMI: The Majority Owner of Utah’s Arena Football Team is A Woman

Utah Blaze Arena Football

Christopher Kamrani wrote a recent piece over at the Salt Lake Tribune about the new owner of the Utah Blaze, Kim Brown. Kim brown owns her own marketing agency and is running the Blaze for her first season as a franchise owner. For anyone questioning her business aptitude, her credentials are astounding:

The motor within Kim Brown doesn’t stop. It never really has. She always knew she loved two things: marketing and football. And now, three decades after bursting onto the local radio scene as a crack-shot ads saleswoman, Brown is the majority owner of the Blaze, Utah’s Arena Football League team.

She was the first salesperson in Utah to bill $1 million in ad revenue during her marketing days at FM100 in the late 1980s. Her persona grew as did her relentlessness to be the best, and that continues today with her marketing agency, Kim Brown & Associates, as well as her first season as majority shareholder of the Blaze.

His article also shares Brown’s insight into what it means for a woman to run a team in a predominantly male-oriented business:

“This is a pretty testosterone kind of business,” she said. “When we women are tough or when we have to do our job sometimes, it’s interpreted differently. I’ve learned in my business that I can still be tougher, but can still use kindness.”

Brown acknowledges the patriarchal culture of Utah, but reassures detractors and supporters alike that Utah’s culture won’t stop her from fulfilling her dreams:

“Me being a woman, especially in Utah, makes it even a little more complicated,” she said, “but I saw it as a dream and a goal and you know what, I’m going to make this happen and do it with my personality.”

We don’t know about you, but reading about Kim makes us want to buy some tickets!

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