How do YOU Battle the Burnout?


How do you battle burnout? We all feel it from time to time. You just can’t handle one more piece of sexist, racist, and/or homophobic news. Your plate is full and you want to cry, hit something, eat six cupcakes, and drink one too many cocktails (or is that just me?). Jessica Valenti’s piece “Battling Feminist Burnout” provides amazing tips for people battling burnout, including:

    • Embrace the anger
    • Embrace the joy and find community
    • Spend energy wisely
    • Create something

But her best tip in the piece?

Don’t forget that this work isn’t just important, it’s necessary. So take care of yourself, acknowledge it’s hard and then get back to it. We need you.

So guess what folks? SLC Feminist is taking a little bit of self-care this Thursday. We will see you tomorrow with some more news!

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