Help A Local Teen Raise Money for People Living in Extreme Poverty

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Could you live off of $1.50 per day? 1.4 billion people across the globe do, and a new fundraising challenge wants to show you just how difficult that is.

Sydney Pedersen, a local teen from Orem is helping raise awareness and money  for the Happy Hearts Fund in conjunction with the Live Below the Line challenge. She isn’t just raising a little bit of money, she is kicking ass and taking names! Sydney is raking in some serious cash for the fundraiser, leading the challenge board with over $36,500 raised!

Did we mention that she is kicking the pants off of Josh Groban? That’s right, Josh Groban, the uber-famous singer is being out-raised by a local teen.

We recommend supporting Sydney’s awesome endeavor and pitching in whatever you can afford.

Why $1.50? Every day 1.4 billion people live in extreme poverty, which means they spend only $1.50 to meet all of their needs each day (often less). That’s four times the U.S. population living on less than what most Americans spend on soda per day.  The premise of the challenge is this: for five days you can only eat and drink what $1.50 per day buys.

Do you think you could do it?

We recognize the challenge isn’t perfect, especially when you factor in some good ol’ fashioned amenities that many can’t afford on $1.50 per day. You know, like clean drinking water. But hey, the money is going to a great cause in spite of any critiques that may arise, so donate if you can!

And if you don’t feel comfortable donating to Sydney, maybe our own Homeless Youth Resource Center?

Good luck, Sydney!

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