Getting to Work in the Wake of the Presidential Election


In the days since November 8th, many of us feel an acute sense of fear. For others, that fear was never dormant. Personally, I’m more fired up than ever before. Stay tuned for more information on mobilization, events, and tools you can use to combat bigotry and fight oppression.

In the meantime, the excerpt below is a longtime favorite of mine, and it hits so close to home as the words “President-elect Donald Trump” become more of a reality:

Thus, young women in their small groups found themselves floundering in a morass of left-wing hostility and establishment derision. As both left and right labeled them ‘man-haters’ when they demanded equality, they became acutely sensitized to the way in which it seemed that the whole culture was biased against women. One new recruit described her change in consciousness: ‘I couldn’t walk down the street, read advertisements, watch TV, without being incensed… at the way women are treated.’ Robin Morgan’s anger grew in the year she edited Sisterhood Is Powerful, an anger that came from deep down and way back, something like a five-thousand-year buried anger.’ She continued, ‘It makes you very sensitive-raw, even, this consciousness.

-Sara Evans, Personal Politics: The Roots of Women’s Liberation in the Civil Rights Movement and the New Left.

This consciousness may be raw, but it’s better than ignorance.


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