Death Threats At USU: Why We Still Need Feminism

anita sarkeesian

Anita Sarkeesian was scheduled to give a speech today at Utah State University, but was forced to cancel after vile terror threats were sent to the director of the Women and Gender Studies Department. Sarkeesian is a Canadian blogger and activist who is popular for her critiques of mainstream video games. She has received threats since August in what some call Gamergate. 

I hesitate to include a screenshot of the threat, but it is so terrifying that I feel it should be shared. This is why we still need feminism. Women can’t offer critiques of VIDEOGAMES without fear of rape and death threats:

Anita Sarkeesian Death Threat


Anita was forced to cancel her talk after Utah State University refused to stop people with concealed weapons permits from coming into the venue. It’s a damn shame that the right to carry a gun in Utah outweighs the right of an activist and academic to give a speech in a safe environment after she was threatened with her life. Nevermind the fact that police could have been there to provide security and safety for the people who leave their guns at home.

I applaud Anita for her decision to cancel. Staying alive and healthy to keep doing this work is so important.

In the face of this public terror, let’s not forget that women in this country disproportionately face acts of this kind (death by firearm) at the hands of people who are supposed to love them the most. This is why we need feminism. Keep doing the work that you do, Anita. I hope you can come back to the State of Utah someday without these threats of terror.

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