Support Feminist Musicians in SLC: Diatom’s Marina Tijerino

Marina T

Photo Credit: Taylor Grayson

Have you ever found yourself singing a pop song, only to realize the lyrics are deplorable? Well, you don’t have to worry about that with Marina Tijerino’s catchy and beautiful song, “Orbit Pluto.” Tijerino, the talent behind Diatom, makes gorgeous music without anything to make you cringe, and she’s in the running for Best Pop Artist with City Weekly. This is the perfect time for you to hear a new song, support a local feminist musician, and donate to a good cause!

Orbit Pluto is a song about the marginalization of women, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and people of color who experience racism. I wanted to write the song out of a place of compassion for anyone who has suffered these injustices. Pluto is my metaphor for marginalized and oppressed people,” explains Marina. She continues, “Not all of my music is blatantly political, but I think what I’m trying to make is transformative art. I believe that tapping into true compassion requires believing the stories of those who are suffering, and understanding how current institutional structures are set up to silence marginalized people.” She sounds like a woman you can support, right?!

Here are two things you can do to show Marina some love:

  1. Vote for her as the Best Pop Artist with City Weekly.
  2. Download “Orbit Pluto”–all proceeds go to helping LGBTQIA homeless youth.

Marina could really use your help, so vote and share this with everyone you know! Help a talented and local feminist musician get the recognition she deserves!

When we’re watching the storm baby
what could go wrong?
When we’re watching the storm baby
On our level of reality is
a subtle place where our sanity lives
Oh we, thought we’d live up to be
The epitome of madness
pure and galactic
Or, revolutionary
reach out and grab it
one and only planet
Oh we, thought we’d live up to be
The epitome of madness
pure and galactic
Or, revolutionary
reach out and grab it
one and only planet
Who, are you to make me choose?
pink or blue while massive nebulas
offer so many hues
Alright so when universes collide
let the chaos inside of you
because you have nothing to hide
Feeling kind of small but I can do it all with you
with you
Feeling kind of small but I can do it all with you
with you
That’s why I’ll Orbit Pluto
That’s why I’ll Orbit Pluto

Your Four Step Guide to Halloween


When did Halloween become so awful? Seriously, when? I always remember it as a time of fear of make-believe monsters, but now that I’m an adult, it’s friends, neighbors, and people on the Internet that make it scary. Everywhere you turn there’s a tasteless costume, and a dudebro talking about how women dress like “sluts.”

Here is a feminist-friendly four-step guide to restoring Halloween to some of its former, less awful, glory. Share it with the scary folks, and maybe they will learn:

Step One: Don’t slut shame


That woman dressed like a sexy plumber feels confident in her body and is in tune with her sexuality. She doesn’t deserve your criticism, unwanted advances, or sexual violence! Unless she asks you about leaky pipes, keep your comments and gaze to yourself.

Step Two: Don’t paint your face to appear of any other race than your own (Black, Native American, Asian, Latin@, etc.)

halloween meme

Seriously. No exceptions. None. Do it, and you’re a culturally insensitive rube.

Step Three: Don’t glamorize domestic violence!


There are horrifying photos of people in blackface dressed as Ray and Janay Rice. It’s vile. Don’t be that person.

Step Four: Don’t blame the victim


People like to party, and holidays are a great reason to have some drinks, especially when a holiday magically falls on a Friday! Keep in mind that no matter how drunk or high someone is, they don’t deserve sexual violence. If someone you want to have sexual contact with is drinking: STOP. WALK AWAY. Is it worth it? Nope. If you see someone trying to lure off the sexy plumber after she has had too many drinks, intervene! 

I feel like the list could go on, but those cover some of the most egregious human blunders on Halloween. Happy Haunting, folks!  

Death Threats At USU: Why We Still Need Feminism

anita sarkeesian

Anita Sarkeesian was scheduled to give a speech today at Utah State University, but was forced to cancel after vile terror threats were sent to the director of the Women and Gender Studies Department. Sarkeesian is a Canadian blogger and activist who is popular for her critiques of mainstream video games. She has received threats since August in what some call Gamergate. 

I hesitate to include a screenshot of the threat, but it is so terrifying that I feel it should be shared. This is why we still need feminism. Women can’t offer critiques of VIDEOGAMES without fear of rape and death threats:

Anita Sarkeesian Death Threat


Anita was forced to cancel her talk after Utah State University refused to stop people with concealed weapons permits from coming into the venue. It’s a damn shame that the right to carry a gun in Utah outweighs the right of an activist and academic to give a speech in a safe environment after she was threatened with her life. Nevermind the fact that police could have been there to provide security and safety for the people who leave their guns at home.

I applaud Anita for her decision to cancel. Staying alive and healthy to keep doing this work is so important.

In the face of this public terror, let’s not forget that women in this country disproportionately face acts of this kind (death by firearm) at the hands of people who are supposed to love them the most. This is why we need feminism. Keep doing the work that you do, Anita. I hope you can come back to the State of Utah someday without these threats of terror.

A Complete Guide to Misogyny on LinkedIn

jennifer lawrence

I was browsing LinkedIn today and came across the article, “Why Jennifer Lawrence Confuses Me” by Bruce Kasanoff. Kasanoff is an “influencer” on the site with over 174,00 followers. He is a self-described “Ghostwriter, editor, and speaker.” He’s also completely missing the point when it comes to the importance of respecting privacy and consent, and his article left me thinking that he’s a complete and total misogynist.

Jennifer Lawrence gave an interview with Vanity Fair this month about the sex crime that her and countless other celebrities experienced. By now you probably know that hackers stole naked photos of celebrities and posted them on the Internet. The much-beloved JLaw was a victim. Some called it a scandal, but everyone with two brain cells to rub together called it a sex crime. Jennifer describes the feeling of vulnerability in her interview with Sam Kashner at Vanity Fair:

It’s my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe that we even live in that kind of world. 

Apparently Mr. Kasanoff doesn’t understand the concept of my body, my choice. He read the interview, and proceeds to critique it in his silly LinkedIn post saying, “I’m still confused by the juxtaposition of moral outrage next to more semi-naked pictures.” He’s definitely confused. There’s no doubt about that. He completely misses the fucking point that Jennifer Lawrence agreed to take the photographs in Vanity Fair. She agreed to their distribution, and probably received a serious amount of compensation for her participation. She probably had some serious input about the photos. She isn’t completely naked in Vanity Fair either, which is totally lost on Brucey Boy.

I’m not linking to the article, because it doesn’t deserve another page click, but I want to give a big shout out to a man who I’m calling the Misogynist of the Day:

Congratulations, Bruce Kasanoff, you helped reinforce the notion that victims deserve maltreatment in this rape culture of ours. You also confirmed to me, and countless others, that you are a complete and total misogynist who isn’t worth a follow or any influence on LinkedIn or in real life.

Stop Taking the Click Bait: Emma Watson, The Media, & Bullshit Ad Revenue

Emma Watson's speech to the UN was derailed by click-bait articles from advertisers

[Ed. Note: This is a guest post from Brent Courtney Frost. Brent is a Salt Lake based Australian graphic designer who, when not drawing pictures for grown-ups, can be found advocating on their behalf for important causes such as mental health, and less important causes such as making breakfast menus available 24/7.]

As a man, a feminist, and an advocate for mental health issues, I watched Emma Watson’s powerful speech to the United Nations launching the new gender equality initiative HeForShe with excitement, knowing the much-needed exposure these issues were going to receive. She invited men to get involved in the cause, “Men, I would like to give this opportunity to extend your formal invitation. Gender equality is your issue, too… How can we effect change in the world, when only half of it is invited, or feels welcome to participate in conversation.”

The following days’ conversation should have been about highlighting these issues, exposing more people to this way of thinking, but as all too often in the media, the focus turned to the negative responses. We should have been talking about ending gender inequality and inspiring more men to be involved, but instead we were talking about the possibility of nude photos of Emma being released.

I was appalled by the response, but not surprised.

Fortunately, the whole “Emma You Are Next” debacle was a hoax, but critical attention was taken away from the speech.

Below is a screen shot I took a few mornings after, showing the top three articles that came up when you searched “Emma Watson.” People may argue that they are just reporting the current stories, but I think this is bullshit. The media needs to be more accountable for the content they are putting out. They are as much to blame for the content these websites are putting out, as the websites themselves. These anonymous websites only exist because of the exposure they receive from these articles. They exist because of the free advertising. 

Inline image 1

A large proportion of news websites’ revenue come from advertising. They charge for advertising space based on how many clicks their website receives. It becomes less about reporting the news and more about what headlines people are going to click on. By clicking on these articles we are contributing to the problem. The news website continue to publish articles like this and these anonymous websites get the exposure they are after.

We need to take a stand on this kind of journalism. We need to take away the power of these anonymous websites by not reading about them.