Be A Better Ally In 3 Easy Steps

Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is stand up and shatter the silence. Sometimes it is equally powerful to sit down, shut up, and take notes. Have you ever talked when you should have listened instead?

Steps Toward Becoming A Better Ally



  1. Ha! Brilliant.

  2. where did you get this image from? i am trying to find the original author/creator

    • Chelsea Kilpack says:

      I’m the original creator. Did you have a question about the image?

      • yes! i would like to use this image in a zine about allyship that i am creating for my organization ( i would like your permission and to give you credit if you do. can you email me at or reply here.

      • Chelsea Kilpack says:

        You can definitely use the image. My name is Chelsea Kilpack. I’d love to see the final product!

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