5 Racist Things White People Should Stop Saying

Chances are, you’ve said and done some of these things in the past, but fear not, you can stop using them today! It’s 2015, and I can’t believe we have to go here, but it bears repeating. Here are five racist things we should stop saying–I’m mostly looking at you fellow white people!

1. Can I touch your hair?

racist shit people say

How would you feel if someone walked up to you and asked to pet you like a dog? Probably not very good. And the dog reference, yeah, that’s what you sound like. It’s dehumanizing and violates personal space. Don’t ask. Full stop.

2. You don’t sound black

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When you tell someone they don’t “sound black” you’re saying two things at once: (1) you believe Blackness is a monolith, (2) you believe the majority of Black people lack an education. Both of those thoughts are abhorrent, so keep them to yourself.

3. Why can they say the N-word, and I can’t?

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You can’t say it because of a little thing called history. Read one of the best responses I’ve ever heard to this type of questioning.

4. I wear the confederate flag to honor my ancestors


You keep using that word "culture." I don't think you know what it means.

Your ancestors enslaved people. They engaged in a massive campaign of sexual assault, death, and terror. That’s not worth celebrating. Take the shirt/belt buckle/flag off.

5. Do you know who you look like?! [Insert Black celebrity who looks nothing like the person.]

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Your friend probably looks nothing like Cuba Gooding Jr. Stop before you speak, and do a side-by-side comparison on your pocket computer. Is there actually any resemblance? I’m guessing not.

Are there other racist phrases that make you cringe? Tell us in the comments below!

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