7 Post-Election Recovery Tips

Baby crying

Were you feeling a bit blue yesterday after the election? I couldn’t get the smiling face of Mia Love out of my head, and all I heard all day was an ominous, “They control it all” in the background. Maybe that’s just me? Judging by my Facebook feed and text conversations, I’m not alone. So here’s another list of cheap and easy self-care suggestions for those post-election blues (I know I did at least six yesterday):

  1. Workout! Get your sweat on and feel the rush of endorphins. Besides, it’s good training for January when you have to run from the hordes of Republicans coming to steal all of your civil liberties.
  2. Play with a dog/cat/animal. Play with your own pet, a friend’s pet, or rent one. For real. Rent one. My dog brings a smile to my face no matter how dismal the day.
  3. Read for at least thirty minutes in peace. Pick up something you love and get lost. Don’t read anything for work or school, just some good ‘ol fashion leisurely reading. I recommend Not That Kind of Girl for a fun one! 
  4. Turn off the social media. Your annoying aunts and uncles on your mom’s side are just going to piss you off with their gloating. Turn it off for a day (or a week). Give yourself some space from the unadulterated postings of gloating conservatives.
  5. Have all of the sex. Then go buy Plan B over the counter, even if your preferred sex can’t result in pregnancy, because who knows how long that’s gonna last with the results we just received.
  6. Donate to your favorite non-profit. All hope isn’t lost. I promise. There are still so many activists doing such amazing work, and they are going to need your money now more than every before, because we know defunding attempts are gonna start-up soon.
  7. Cry, then laugh. Just let it out. Sometimes self-care means an ugly cry for ten minutes to an hour and a half. Then laugh. Laugh hysterically at something benign.

I know it doesn’t feel like it, but we will survive this pendulum swing my friends. Give yourself a few days to recover and wallow. You’ve earned it.


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