6 Things Masculinity Takes Away from Men

1. The ability to cry over something other than sports:


You know, things like:

2. Real hugs:


If it was acceptable for dudes to hug, this catastrophe would never have happened.

3. The ability to seek therapy:

Men commit suicide at three times the rate of women.

Men commit suicide at three times the rate of women.

4. Delicious fruity alcoholic beverages:

jd appletini

5. Close relationships with their mothers:


Shake it off, Billy. 3-year-olds don’t need their mommies!

6. A chance to acknowledge pain from injuries:

Don't be a pussy. Walk it off.

Don’t be a pussy. Walk it off.

Masculinity is a damaging social construct for men. It hurts them in countless ways. How is masculinity hurting the men close to you?


  1. Masculinity tells men that they aren’t allowed to wear makeup!

  2. It doesn’t let me show my dad how much I love him and miss him, I feel I can’t hug him in public places or hold him like I hold my mother.

  3. Maverick says:

    I see you blocked me. Why is it that the people who are supposedly the most open to new ideas and discussion on the internet (especially feminists, atheists, politically driven fanatics, etc.) the quickest to block the opposing view?

    I have never insulted you without cause, and when I was wrong, I apologized. You have simply closed my posts down simply since you do not agree. What is the point of blogging if all you want is to gain positive support from people on the same view point?

    • slcfeminist says:

      Maverick, I can assure you that you haven’t been blocked from the site. Several of your comments were approved (and countless others from people espousing different views). However, some of your comments didn’t make it through moderation because they violated the comment moderation policy that has been in place since this site’s inception.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. There is much livelier debate on the site’s Facebook page, and you might receive more engagement there.

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