5 Signs You’re New to Feminism

You just took your first gender studies course or stumbled upon the social sciences section in your local Barnes & Noble, and now your whole world is turned upside down. Gender is a social construct?! Why didn’t anyone tell me  this before?! There are more than two sexes? Shut the front door!

Here are 5 signs you might be a “baby feminist:”

1. You can’t decide what the fuck to do with your body hair. 

body hair

Should I continue waxing my upper lip and shaving my armpits? Am I reinforcing problematic gender norms? What about my personal happiness?
Am I a bad feminist?!

2. Every time you listen to the radio your head wants to explode.

katy perry

Seriously though?!

3. All of the movies from your childhood make you want to hop in a time machine to track down Walt Disney and junk-punch him.

Um, yeah...that's not how the story goes down.

Um, yeah…that’s not how the story goes down, Walt & co.


Those princesses sure weren't good at much. Except for the important stuff. Like baking pies and finding men and shit.

Those princesses sure weren’t good at much. Except for the important stuff. Like baking pies and finding men and shit.

4. Every sexual thought that enters your brain is followed with sixteen million follow-up questions.


“Is my heterosexuality compulsory?” “Should I engage in BDSM?” “Is masturbation the only form of gratification that isn’t selling out the cause?”

5. You’re paralyzed with doubt about which feminist organizations you should donate to, and which feminist magazines to subscribe to.


Do I join the League of Women Voters, subscribe to Ms. or Bitch. I ONLY HAVE SO MUCH MONEY!

Don’t worry, baby feminist. We promise, it gets better.

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