4 Things You Need to Stop Saying About Miley Cyrus

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

The dust has sort of settled on the now infamous Miley Cyrus VMA performance, and after a week of shocked reactions from across the Internet (and my office), there are five things I wish people would stop saying about Miley and her performance:

1. I would kill my daughter if she acted like that!

Would you kill your daughter for behaving in a way that disagrees with your personal sensibilities? Would you? Because that shit is called honor violence, and it ain’t no joke:

 “Victims of honor violence are targeted because their actual or perceived behavior is deemed to be shameful or to violate cultural or religious norms. Conduct such as resisting an arranged marriage, seeking a divorce, adopting a Western lifestyle and wearing Western clothing, and having friends of the opposite sex have resulted in honor violence.”

We get it—you don’t agree with Miley’s choice in beige bikinis and public masturbation implements. That’s totally okay. You can disagree with her, but let’s put the theoretical daughter killings on hold. Mmmkay?

 2. That performance wasn’t racist!

Actually, it was probably one of the MOST RACIST things on television that evening (maybe for the week, but this is America, and awful shit happens every six milliseconds on our airwaves). Miley Cyrus’ appropriation of Black Culture isn’t a new phenomenon, and she has been widely critiqued for the way she puts on and takes off cultural markers to suit her personal brand.

She used women of color as props for her stage show and simulated a sex act on one of her employees. The shit was racist. End of discussion.

3. She looked naked on stage/ She needs to put some clothes on!

Do you really care if she was naked? Is it that big of a deal? Maybe you need to evaluate why you’re so uncomfortable with semi-nude women, but let’s be honest, you live in this country, and this shit isn’t new. You’re not uncomfortable with nudity you just like policing the sexuality of a young woman who happened to wear an atrocious, beige, pleather bikini.

Hate the outfit, but stop policing Miley’s sexuality and shaming her body.

4. Did you see her outfit?!

Actually, we take it back. Stop hating on her outfit.

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, and we all have some hideous outfit choices lurking in our past. That hairdo from the 80s that you wore into the 90s–yup She just happened to saunter her ass on stage in front of millions of people. Stop with the body shaming, and remember that you’re mercilessly critiquing a twenty-year-old.

Have you heard racist justifications of her appropriation or body shaming in your office?


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