4 Things the NFL Hates More Than Beating Women

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[Ed. note: This is a guest post from Mary Dresser who says, ” I am a senior at the University of Utah, I play club Ultimate Frisbee and am an avid Crossfit enthusiast.I have always been passionate about gender issues and gender equality. Sometimes it gets me in trouble, like the time I punched a boy in 5th grade for not letting me on his kickball team on account of my gender. I have since curbed my childish violence into adult activism.]

This post isn’t about rape, or how some people try to blame people for rape or the drugs associated with it. This is about a much more universally accepted issue (it’s sad that I have to refer to rape as disjointedly understood). The topic I speak of is physical abuse. Everyone would agree that it is never okay to hit a girl. Young men are taught that from a very young age to not put their hands on a woman.

“No, Johnny it’s not okay to hit your sister even if she took your Spiderman and flushed him down the toilet.”

“But mom that’s not fair!”

“Now Johnny you are a boy and boys don’t ever hit girls no matter what. Do you understand me?”

We understand that conversation.

It seems like every one knows and accepts this as true in our society. Everyone Ray Rice and the NFL.

Let me clarify, there are men who don’t understand this basic concept and they often have restraining orders put on them, they lose their jobs, and end up in jail. These are understood consequences of domestic abuse, unless you’re a star football player and the company you work for is the National Football League. Ray Rice was caught on camera dragging the unconscious body of his fiancé out of and elevator in a casino. She wasn’t passed out from drinking too heavily (not that it would’ve justified the behavior), but was unconscious because he hit her like “you’d hit a dude” one witness says. Now I don’t know about you but I feel like if you strike someone nearly half your size because she was being ferociously rude you deserve to lose your job, and the respect of those around you.

The National Football League does not agree. Rice was given a slap on the wrist with a two game suspension.

Now let me just touch on some of the things the NFL sees as more reprehensible than beating your fiancé unconscious.

  1. Smoking weed: 4 game to entire season suspension
  2. Getting tattoos paid for in college: 5 game suspension
  3. Taking Adderall: 4 game suspension
  4. Hitting helmet to helmet: 2 game suspension

The NFL sees domestic violence on the same level as helmet to helmet hits in a game. They just aren’t taking the issue seriously, and Rice’s suspension makes that very clear. The NFL is comfortable having women’s money and support for tickets and gear but isn’t comfy standing up against domestic violence.

Our call to action:

1. Tweet NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and tell him you’re pissed (@nflcommish)

2. Boycott the NFL’s breast cancer awareness gear and support breast cancer research another way. 

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