4 Conversations From Watching Orange Is The New Black


You should get on the Orange Is The New Black bandwagon for so many reasons, but the number one reason is this: OITB is a great conversation starter on a slew of incredibly complicated issues. Our household discussions are on whole different level after each episode. What are you waiting for? You could end up talking about all of these issues and so much more:

The surge in female incarceration due to the “war on drugs.”

alex vause

The cycle of poverty and its impact on initial incarceration and recidivism.


Sexual abuse in prisons (we’re looking at you, Pornstache).


Medical care and safety for trans* identifying people who are incarcerated. (Sofia deserves her own damn show).

sophiaOITNBHave you finished the season? Did it cause you to strike up different conversations in your household?


  1. Love this show! Great conversation topics. It brought up a lot of discussions of media representation. Like how cool it is to have an actual trans* actress play a trans* role (I hope I’m saying that right!). But also about whether or not some of the sex scenes were sensationalism or necessary to show for the story.

    The sexual abuse/rape discussion is great, but there’s also the fact that Dayanara set up that whole fake rape plot. Pornstache was a douche and deserved to be suspended, but throwing a fake rape in there changes the conversation about sexual abuse in prisons, probably for the worse. It certainly isn’t the greatest feminist aspect of the show.

  2. I really like the show but it’s a bit biphobic in it’s portrayal of Piper as being the bisexual cheater who doesn’t know what she wants (and not even using the term bisexual or any other non-monosexual identity, but both Alex and her fiance think she belongs to the other “side”)

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